The Brain

The human brain is the most complex system known to date. It is an energy intensive organ, accounting for about a fiftieth of the weight of the body, but using up about a fifth of the oxygen taken in by the lungs.

The brain functions through electrical activity that is transmitted between the nerve cells in the form of waves called brainwaves. There are five major frequency ranges between 0 and 100 Hz that correspond to different levels of relaxation and alertness. At higher frequency levels, the brain operates more efficiently, processes thoughts easily and readily absorbs new ideas and information.

  • 0-4 Hz: Waves of this frequency are called delta waves. They are low frequency waves, associated with deep, restorative sleep. Certain frequencies in this range trigger the release of human growth hormone that assists healing and regeneration.
  • 4-7 Hz: These are theta waves that take the individual almost but not entirely to the point of sleep. Theta is a meditative state that induces dreamlike imagery, inspiration and even an “out of body” experience.
  • 7-12 Hz: Waves of this frequency are called alpha waves. The brain in this state is infused with creative energy, peace and well-being. All stress vanishes and the individual experiences a feeling of deep relaxation, confidence and liberation. The alpha state includes the Schuman Resonance frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is the frequency of the earth’s electromagnetic field.
  • 13-40 Hz: This is the beta state, where the mind is wide awake and alert. The individual is capable of full attention and can achieve peak performance. Hand-eye coordination is at its best. Individuals excel in exams and sports when their brain is in the beta state.
  • 40-100 Hz: Brainwaves reach this state, called the gamma state, during bursts of precognition or high-level information processing. It is believed to be connected with the conscious mind. This is the least researched state of the brain.

Instabilities may occur in brainwaves due to certain stress related disorders. It is well known that some people experience unusually high levels of stress. A revolutionary method of countering related stress is to stimulate the brainwaves externally through scientifically composed music tracks.

Soulful Symphonies

India has one of the oldest music traditions in the world. Indian music has been known to induce a feeling of well-being right since Vedic times.

The tracks developed by House of Aryanish use authentic Indian instruments and are based on Indian ragas. The ragas are carefully selected for their frequencies, and have the property of altering the brainwaves into a state that relaxes and refreshes the mind. Each track is most effective for the purpose it is designed for.

Darbari: Darbari is based on a raga that Tansen used to help Akbar relax before he went to war. Its delta frequency is effective when used by people who wish to spend hours in quality sleep after a long day and be fresh and alert the very next day.


Chakra Activation: Composed with a well-orchestrated blend of delta to beta frequencies, the Chakra Activation track helps overcome stress and focuses the mind for the task at hand. It is ideally suited for people with a packed schedule that offers little space for rejuvenation of the mind.

 Chakra Activation

Santoor Sleep: All of us are familiar with the intense fatigue felt by busy executives after a board meeting and nerve-racking tension. The theta frequency of Santoor Sleep will soothe their frayed nerves, readying them for the next corporate combat.


Lullaby: The Lullaby is based on one of the softest piano notes. It was composed by a young girl gifted with the talent to create melodies that appeased distraught little children. This track is ideal for babies and children to sleep well, neutralising the discomfort caused by ear aches and white noise.


Relax Melody: The Relax Melody is a track based on alpha and theta waves. Ideally suited for young mothers with little children, it induces relaxation in tired nerves and relieves anxiety caused by over-alertness to potential situations.
Allow it to play in the background and just breathe in the tune.


Clarity: The Clarity track is designed to bring clarity, serenity and a sense of calm in an awakened state. It slowly transforms random brainwaves into a cohesive alpha state, which is the state of maximum peace and wellbeing. It is based on an old Indian instrument called the ravanhatta that originated in the deserts of Rajasthan. You can experience sheer bliss while listening to this track.


 01-Chakra Activation