At House Of Aryanish, our mission is to make every life fragrant. To give you the finest, purest products and ensure you a pleasant and memorable experience.

About Aryanish

"Aryanish Patel" is the founder of House of Aryanish – dealing in Perfume Oils which combines her training, her own personal experience and her zeal to make a positive contribution to the world. Her love affair with fragrance which began at a tender age when her father introduced her to a trolley of fragrances at their soap factory in her Hometown.

BeSpoke Fragrances

A truly unique experience. The complete creation of a signature perfume. With our expertise we look forward to offering you bespoke fragrances for your preference.
House of Aryanish offers its Bespoke customers the finest craftsmanship put into a product created with love for detail, inspired by years of dedication.

About the music

India has one of the oldest music traditions in the world. Indian music has been known to induce a feeling of well-being right since Vedic times.

The tracks developed by House of Aryanish use authentic Indian instruments and are based on Indian ragas. The ragas are carefully selected for their frequencies, and have the property of altering the brainwaves into a state that relaxes and refreshes the mind.


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"Be a Fragrant Memory"

Why do most people suffer from bad body odour and how to become a fragrant memory.
Many people can make us sick with their body odour. They are themselves not aware and at times in denial of looking at themselves for this. Most terrible thing to do is use deodorant. People who have very acidic foods and acidic minds like a nasty speech or constant jealousy or secretly envious of others are more prone to this.
Here is the solution.
Use boric powder for a month and sponge yourself with it or use it as a talc in your under arms. Then use a perfume oil like attar or oud for a month. Do not use eau de perfumes as they have chemical bases which react and make it worse. Write to us for personalized perfume oils on

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"Brain Anatomy and the 9 Grahas"

The Coronal section of the brain with its internal structure including basal ganglia, the thalamus , the hypothalamus, the sub-thalamus, etc and their on-to-one relationship with the 9 planets or Grahas of the Solar System.

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Feeling hot and flustered?

Here are some amazing quick summer hacks for you.

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